Bacon and Eggs

I made this for my Halloween party and since I had so many creepy things, this was different. All you need is white melting chocolate, yellow M&M's, small tootsie rolls, and Kraft caramels and wax paper. Melt the white chocolate according to package directdions and then glob it on the wax paper about the size of a quater. Place a yellow M&M with the "M&M" face down on the chocolate. Let cool. For the bacon, Take a caramel and cut in half. Take a tootsie roll and do the same. Use three pieces, two of the caramel pieces and one of the tootsie roll pieces. I like the opposite way- two tootsie rolls and one caramel. Pinch them together and then smash them down flat to create a strip of bacon! So cute!



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