Introduction: Bacon-bi-plane


items needed:
3 slices cooked, MEDIUM CRISP, bacon ;
1 weiner;
4 toothpicks
table or steak knife
work surface:  cutting board or paper plate

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Step 1: Prep the Bacon Bi-Plane Weiner (fuselage)

Prep The Weiner:

The weiner will be the "fuselage;" that is, the long front to back part of a typical airplane where the cargo or passenger ride.

(1) Make an undercarriage by sticking two toothpicks to act as front wheel fuselage supports.
One could say "on the underside"  but at this point the fuselage has no underside as it is a symmetrical wiener! ha!
This will allow the fuselage to stand so that one end is on the ground (plate) and the opposite end is pointing upwards slightly.

Step 2: Prep Wiener for Bacon Wings

Make wiener accept wings:

Use a knife to slice a slit into the weiner from side to side so that a slice of bacon can be inserted just above and slightly to the rear of the front carriage supports.

Step 3: Bacon Bi-Plane Tail Prep

Prepare the wiener to accept the bacon tail "elevator" piece.

slice a horizontal slit about 1 inch into the rear of the wiener fuselage.
The elevator is the part of the plane that makes it tilt up or down while in flight.

Step 4: Bacon Bi-Plane Rudder

Make a front to back vertical slit, only about 1 inch long  in the wiener above the elevator slit.

This will hold the planes Bacon rudder piece

FYI  -  The rudder is used to point the nose of the plane to the left or right; also known as "Yaw" control.

Step 5: Insert Lower Bi-Plane Bacon Wing

Insert lower Bi-Plane wing into the wiener wing slit that is above the front carriage.
You want this wing piece to be inserted roughly half-way through the wiener.

It helps if the slit is a little over-long so that you can open the slit by scrunching the wiener.
This makes it easier to prod the bacon slice into the slit.

If the bacon is too crisp it might not work because it will break before it is inserted .

Step 6: Bacon BI-Plane Top Wing

Insert one toothpick about 1/8th inch into one slice of bacon about 1 inch from each end;
so that this slice of bacon has two toothpicks protruding from the same side, one near each end of the slice of bacon.

Connect this top-wing by holding it above the first  lower wing and inserting the toothpicks into the lower wing.

Add a third toothpick through the top wing directly above the wiener, into the wiener;  this will help stabilize the top wing.

Step 7: Assemble Bacon Bi-Plane Tail

Assemble the tail by breaking on slice of bacon into two pieces; one longer than the other.

The long piece is the elevator and goes into the horizontal slit at the back of the wiener fuselage.

The other piece is the rudder and it goes into the vertical slit above the elevator.

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