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A friend of mine made a comment about another friend of mine who used a rolling backpack . Now, I have very little against rolling backpacks, but as my friend pointed out, they're dorky. I set out to make a badass rolling backpack. I used about $70 in materials and it took about 4 hours to complete.

The backpack features pneumatic tires, so the ride is a lot quieter than a normal rolling backpack. The backpack is removable from the frame, it is bolted on using wingnuts. The frame is surrounded by 1" steel spikes.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    it looks very cool .. but where are the steps detailing you construction method / parts used .. etc

    I'm guessing schools and professional environments may range in response from raised eyebrows to tell you not to bring it in again, so .. Where do you use this at?

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I chose the "share photos" option- not the step-by-step option. This is a slideshow and thus doesn't require step-by-step photos, it's for sharing projects, not for telling you how to make them. I built this last year and didn't take photos, so instead of making a how-to with no photos, i just shared the finished project.

    I used this at my high school with absolutely no problems, if I had had problems I would have just removed the steel spikes. I will likely not use it at my university because of the stricter rules, so I will be switching to a Radioflyer cart.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    get a motorized razor-style scooter and bolt a radio flyer wagon body onto it .. really mess with their heads heheh