Badge Key

Introduction: Badge Key

At work, I am constantly on the go. Additionally, I have a filing cabinet I that I keep a few things in that I need access to on occasion. The cabinet needs to stay locked for security reasons. I don't want to carry all of my keys with me, so I wanted a way to only carry the one key.

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Step 1: Prototype

My first attempt I simply added a key ring to my badge. It fulfilled the intended purpose, but walking around it would rattle and was rather annoying.

Step 2: A Single Pop Rivet

There was already a hole in the badge, and I thought I could probably attach it that way. All I needed was a single pop rivet. The key swings out when needed, and it doesn't rattle. Problem solved. I have been using it this way for a month now, initially it was kind of tight, but now it swings freely. I do not forsee any issues, except maybe the plastic giving out. May have to add a washer later.

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