Bag Clips From Recycled Children's Clothes Hangers




Introduction: Bag Clips From Recycled Children's Clothes Hangers

I was about to throw all these hangers in the recycling.

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Step 1: Materials!

If you have children you probably have a ton of these less then useful style hangers laying around. Theh have been accumulating in the corner of my daughters closet for 4 years and i was tired of the mess so i sorted through all of them and just about all of these style hangers were about to get pitched when it popped into my head that the clips would be infinitely more useful removed from the hanger.

Step 2: Cut Em' Up

Super simple, just cut them all off on the bandsaw. I used a 1/4 blade mostly because thats what i had on my bandsaw at the time but it did help for cutting slightly curved profiles on a few of them.
The whole process was very easy, it probably took me 10 min to cut them all.

Step 3: Done!

Look at all of those. I went from barely having any bag clips to wondering who else i can give these to because i have to many now.

Thay could also be used for a number of immediately useful things with very minimal effort. I just stuck a couple of cheap magnets in one with double sided tape and got a clip for my refrigerator im going to screw a few of them to my daughter's bookshelf so she can hang up artwork and stuff. Hope you guys find this useful!

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