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Introduction: Bag Leaves the Easy Way

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Propping a plastic leaf bag up while you fill it with leaves is time consuming.  And the suction created by removing the bags from the trash can tends to rip the top of your bag.  Simply remove the bottom of a plastic garbage container, and you've solved both of your problems!!  Here's how...

Step 1: Cut the Bottom Off a Plastic Garbage Container

I used a 33-gallon plastic garbage container that was tapered at the bottom.  Use either a sturdy pair of scissors or a pair of poultry shears to remove the bottom, about 1" from the actual bottom off the garbage can.

Step 2: Add Your Bag and Fill With Leaves

If you're using a 33-gallon garbage bag (the same size as the container), use the container right-side-up and place your bag around the opening.  Fill with leaves.

Step 3: Invert to Remove Bag

Since the bottom of the container is tapered, you won't be able to lift the container up and over the bag.  Tip the container on its side and slide the bag out from the top (or slide your container over the bottom of the bag) to remove the full bag.

Step 4: Using a Smaller Bag

If you're using a smaller bag, tip the container up-side-down over the lid and place your bag around the smaller, tapered opening.  The domed lid will keep short bags from falling into the container from the weight of the leaves.

Step 5: Add Your Leaves, Tie, and Remove

When your small bag is full, there is no need to invert the container to remove the bag of leaves (because the larger opening is at the bottom); simply lift the container up and over the bag!



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    I need one of these that fits in the paper bags. We can't toss our yard waste in plastic and I have tried to mulch and compost so much of it already.

    1 reply

    Our city went to the paper bags this year as well. I thought about cutting four slits in the bottom of the can to fit inside the bags. Each resultant "flap" should be tapered enough so that they don't rip the sides of the bag and the bottom of the garbage can will sit flat on the ground inside the bag. There would still be a large opening with which to funnel the leaves into the bag. I will try and update the instructable soon!! :) Thank you for your comment and motivation to start working on the modification.

    This is a really great idea! .... but if you turn the garbage can upside down and put the garbage bag on the narrow side of the can, the filled bag would be much easier removed from the bottom, after it is full. I will try it and see, if it works!

    Or you could integrate an NPT fitting with a ball valve to the bottom of the can, hook it up to an air compressor or a reg off a K-bottle and fire your leaves in the neighbors backyard. Really though I have had the same issue, thanks for the ible, although I think I will just drill a handful of holes in the bottom of the can to equalize the pressure.

    If you have to turn the can on its side to get the bag out, why bother to cut the bottom off in the first place?

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    Because of the suction, when you try to pull it out; if it is not cut out.

     How about putting the bag over the outside of your bottomless trash can,

    fill the can with leaves and whatnot,

    pull the can straight out of the bag, leaving the full bag-o-leaves behind.


    2 replies

    Seems harder to load - you'd have to be careful to avoid snagging the bag on your cut edge.  But otherwise solid!

    I like your idea as well Casey.

    Last fall my father-in-law and I solved the suction problem by drilling holes near the bottom on the sides. Doesn't destory the trash can and works very well.