Bait a Hook With Cut Shad

Introduction: Bait a Hook With Cut Shad

I am a Texas based professional catfish guide that operated in North Texas and I also manufacture...

Cut shad or cut bait is a very popular and effective bait for catching blue catfish. Baiting a hook with cut shad may seem like a very simple and straight forward process but there actually is a way to do it wrong, especially when catfishing with circle hooks.

If the cut shad is not baited on the hook correctly when using circle hooks it will double hook itself rendering the hook ineffective causing you to miss fish. This is a good basic practice to follow regardless of what kind of catfish hooks you are using. 

In this video we walk you step by step through the process of using cut shad for catfish bait and how to bait a hook with cut shad.



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    Good video on using cut shad but can you do a video on how to load a crawdad or a crawfish on a hook? I've been a fisherman for 40+ years and to be honest, I've caught lots and LOTS more fish using nightcrawlers over everything else that I've ever seen. I fish 99.9% of the time in central Nebraska's rivers, ponds & lakes and have caught fish, but everytime I try to expand my bait choices nothing happends. I hear my brother talk about fishing here or there using everything from cut bait to cutting his finger and he has caught some really nice fish, but when I try something new, it's like not having bait at all. Help me?? Fishless in Neb raska. Thanks.