Baja Snowman Gift Card or Embellishment

Introduction: Baja Snowman Gift Card or Embellishment

About: I am married with two children. Spring, summer, and fall are my very favorite times of the year. I enjoy working in the yard, sewing, cooking, quilting, gardening, and creating. I do this to keep my sanity.

Winter is here and the snow is falling,  while snowmen are garnishing neighbors lawns.  This Instructable was inspired to accommodate  winter loving, skiing loving, snow loving people who drive or fly 1000's of miles to greet the snow.  Sometimes when they can't get away to play in the snow , they need an alternative that will satisfy their needs. Let's play in the snow!

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Step 1: Supplies

  • 1 Bottle of sand or beach sand
  • 1 large empty Gatorade bottle with lid
  • Black tube paint ( find one with a thin pointed tip,  it will be easier to paint the face.)
  • White tube paint ( find one with a thin pointed tip.)
  • 2 Small ribbons
  • 1 Finger light optional
  • 2 ever green twigs for arms or sticks
  • 1 Small index card
  • 1 Of either batting, sock, white fabric, or several cotton balls for the snow opitional
  • 1 White foam sheet  ( all I had was black )
  • 1 Toothpick for poking the arm holes. 

Step 2: Tools

  • Hole punch
  • Scissors and pinking scissors optional 
  • Glue 
  • Marker
  • Bowl for mixing the sand.

Step 3: Please Note

  • This is the first sand snowman that I have made.  He is very fragile. The idea is to make him, place him in the jar, seal the jar, and take pictures as carefully as you can.  After that it can be expected that he will crumble.  While you are working with him; it is important to be very careful not to move him too much until after the pictures are taken.  He is
  • supposed to arrive in pieces. Then the addressee will go to your website, Instructables, or receive an email with pictures of him before he melted.   

Step 4: Card

  • Cut out the index card any shape you like.
  • Punch a hold for the ribbon.
  • Thread the ribbon through the hole.
  • Write a note on the card or print it out on the PC or address it to be mailed.
  • Glue the lid and the ribbon to secure it.
  • Baja, Mexico
  • This little snowman was made for you!
  • Sunshiine's beach bum bajawho?
  • If he melts when he arrives.
  • Don't you worry he still survives.
  • He waves from sunshiine's little hive 
  • Sending you his big high 5.
  • Have a splendorous Christmas!
  • Sunshiine

Please note: I think the post office still accepts bottles to be mailed.
I would call and ask, mention you will be shipping a clear container with sand in it.
Perhaps you can bring the glue to the post-office with you and  glue it after they see the contents. 
Or if they say it will be inspected then,  maybe it should be mailed in a box.  
I would use a stronger glue if you plan on mailing it.
I would seal the lid to be sure it is secure and will not spill contents. 
This snowman can be used for a gift card, gag gift, or a package embellishment.

Step 5: Base

  • Cut the bottle the height you need.
  • I cut mine too small so allow extra.
  • Using the top part of the bottle draw a circle around the base.
  • Cut the base  out using the pinking scissors.
  • Cut out a pair of gloves from the foam. Optional 
  • Cut out a hat.  I could not add a hat because the bottle was too short and I did not have another one. 

Step 6: Lid

  • Glue the finger light to the inside of the top of the lid.
  • Glue the batting, cotton balls, or cloth to the foam sheet.  Leave an area away from the edges, ( that area will be to glued to the base of the bottle.) This part is optional, I thought it looked more like snow. 
  • Estimate how long to make the arms for the snowman from the evergreen twigs.
  • Glue the gloves to the ends of the arms.
  • Spread a little white paint on the twig needles to resemble snow.
  • Let dry.

Step 7: Body

  • Mix a small amount of water to the sand for the snowman's body.
  • You want the consistency of clay.
  • Add just a little water at a time until it bonds together.
  • Form 3 balls varying in 3 different sizes. See bottom note first.
Please note: As you are making the balls place the large ball on the base first.
I thought it was easier to add the arms when the trunk of the body was on the base.  
You will have to decide which is best for you.
Only add the 2 balls for now.

Step 8: Assemble Body

  • Cut a small scarf from the ribbon.
  • Tie it making a loose loop to form the scarf.
  • Carefully poke arms holes with a toothpick into the 2nd sand ball.
  • Add water if needed with your finger. ( the sand is fragile and may crack a little.
  • Fill cracks using drops of water on your finger and sand if needed. 
Please note: The pictures shows 3 balls on the base. This picture shows the wrong method. It was the only picture I had to show the 2 layers on the base.  The head goes on after the scarf and arms are in place. See next step before doing this part. 

Step 9: Face

Place the scarf on the snowman's shoulders.
Position it where you want.
Very carefully place the head on top of the snowman's body.
Fill cracks if needed.
Paint his eyes, nose, and mouth,  with the black tube paint. 
Carefully put his hat on.

Step 10: Seal

  • Using the glue making a bead of glue around the outside edge of the snowman's base.
  • Carefully place the bottle top over the snowman.  Make sure you find the clear side of the bottle before gluing it to the base.
  • Press to stick. 

Step 11: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

  • As always I have fun creating something different.  This one was especially enjoyable.  I was pleased with the outcome. I plan on making these again,  using  white craft glue and see if it will help keep it together better, while it is in the building process. Maybe adding glue to the outside of the balls and letting it dry until a little tacky and then working with the embellishments.  

Thanks for stopping by and do stop in again soon.  I have many more Instructables that I am working on that might interest you!
Stay warm and take care .  .  .
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    OMG... this is sooooooo adorable. :)

    I missed so many ibles over the holidays... gotta get caught up.
    You've been a very busy girl :D


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    Thanks for commenting! Yes, I have been busy. This one was so much fun! Have a great day!


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    Thanks, yes I have been busy. This little guy turned out real cute. Have a great day and thanks for commenting.


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    Thanks for commenting! I just thought I would send some snow your way! Have a fun snow-filled experience.