Baking Soda Hair Treatment (for Damaged Hair)





Introduction: Baking Soda Hair Treatment (for Damaged Hair)

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A really simple treatment. You only need -baking soda -vinegar - olive oil (optional) -water -tablespoon

Step 1: Baking Soda Mix.

The measurements depend on your hair length. My hair is a little past my shoulders, and I have to make two "servings" for my hair. For the baking soda mix, get a cup. Add (for one serving) 3 tbsp. and then three times as much water. (9 tbsp) you will use this as a shampoo. In The picture it is not stirred, but before putting it in your hair, stir it.


Step 3: Vinegar Mix.

For this, get a separate cup. This will act as a conditioner. For making this, again, I have to make two "servings" for my hair. It varies. For one "serving" put in 3 tbsp of distilled vinegar. Distilled is better. I can't remember exactly why. But it is. Trust me. ^_^ then add 4 tbsp of water. Here is where you can add the oil. I've never tried any other oil but olive oil. Olive oil works really well. But don't pour to much because then it will be hard to get out. This mix acts as a conditioner. The vinegar is VERY strong in smell, so it is optional to add things like lavender to help your hair smell better afterwords


After rinsing, make sure it doesn't feel to oily, other wise you will have to rinse it again. This treatment can be done from every two to three days. I don't know what happens if it's down before then. But that's what's recommended.



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    Well It worked for me. But the back of baking soda boxes also say that you can use it for your hair to grow it thicker as well.

    My hair is kinda frizzy and kinda of oily

    Also @destrong123 there are different treatments to that might work better for you. I know I had to try TONS of treatments before one worked for me. Including the mayonnaise treatment. That one and this one worked best for me so sorry you didn't like t :/ but I hope you can find something hat works for you! :)

    @destrong123 well one big factor could be your hair type. We probably have different hair types >_<

    Also oil is very hard to get out of your hair and vinger is bad for your hair

    Personally I have tries this and it just makes my hair more damaged also if you look on any healing shampoos that you do not see baking soda this is horriable for your hair it drys it out and makes it frizzy I know this from experience from trying stuff like this