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Introduction: Balalaika Case

My friend needed a case for his balalaika so he could take it up to camp safely. So we made one. A balalaika, by the way, is a three-stringed triangular instrument from Russia. It's very old. His has a sticker on it saying "made in the USSR." The handle was salvaged off an old suitcase, and we bought the foam at an upholstery store. The rest was built out of plywood.



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    are there instructions or just photos? I'd like to make one for my balalaika.

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    Sorry, just these photos. It was a long time ago (and a pretty rough build) but I can try to answer any questions you have.

    sorry, it didn't notify me that you replied. wondering what size plywood, what size are the trim and corner pieces, and what size/type screws? i got an awesome deal on a balalaika at a thrift store.

    Nice...I would like to make a case for my bowlbacked mandolin but haven't yet found the time or inclination. I'm impressed!

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