Introduction: Balance-BOT

Make an amazing 2-wheeler balancing robot in less than 2 hours.

I based my robot on vahid_you2004's instructable (Balancing Robot).
But decided to show you some pictures and video's i took of my robot...If you want to make it and need a more detailed description of how to make it check out the Balancing Robot instructable.

Hope you enjoy :D

***What you'll need***

-Gears-salvaged mine from a toy car
-Wheels and shaft to attach them to
-AA battery holder
-SPDT switch(with a metal lever), couldn't buy one anywhere close to where I live so I had to improvise
-button cell
-on/off switch
-small nail(used to hold gear in the gearbox arrangement)
-4 AA batteries(I recommend rechargeable ones)
-heatshrink tubing
-rectangular plastic or metal piece(to mount battery holders onto.)

**tools you'll need**

-hot glue gun
-soldering gear
-lighter(to shrink the heatshrink tubing)



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    12 Discussions

    Do you use Arduino?

    So.. theoretically if you where to attach the motor to a weighted pendulum you could set up for radio control and drive it around then right?

    So it just uses the Switch to turn on the motor but what if i t leans the other way?

    1 reply

     the switch is a two way switch, allowing the motor to be controlled in both directions

     indeed, and i gave credit to the creator at the start of the instructable.
    just wanted to share my photos and videos of my robot

    So when the bot leans, the switch is thrown one way, and the motor turns the wheels to compensate for the leaning, and vice versa? its that simple? does it work very well?

    2 replies

     yes. it is that simple, which is the whole beauty of the project as it looks complicated when working but is in fact quite basic.