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Introduction: Balance Bike DIY

So I was busting my mind to find a perfect birthday present, and I decided to build a balance bike for a 2 year old.

Step 1:

The first step was obviously making some kind of sketch of a design that I liked the most

I used 1 cm thick plywood for the long sides and 2 cm thick plywood for the front part of the bike ( steering wheel).

Step 2:

At first I made from scrap plywood a sample of the side, and than use router to make multiple sides more easily. And also to save that sample for future projects .

Step 3:

For the front wheelbase I also made a sample for router.

I needed to use something to connect front and rear, so I came up with this solution. I decided to use door hinge, it is very solid and very easy to install it on the bike.

I then make a groove in between the two sheets of plywood and then glued it with the hinge between the two sheets.

I was thinking to put some bolts near the hinge to make it more secure, but when the glue was dry I realized that it was pretty solid and didn't needed bolts.

Step 4:

this part was a little tricky because I had to find a way to put wheels in the wheelbase and to secure them.

I made a groove from underneath in the forks to make room for bolts of the wheel, and then use a little wood to fill that hole and secure all that with bolts.

Step 5:

Here are two types of seating that I made, the first was from a simple piece of cloth, but I didn't liked that so I decided to make leather one instead.

The steering wheel was made from 2 cm plywood, and there is also a second version of that too, with a slightly curve.

Step 6:

Because I was making more than one balance bike, I made two versions. One with black and blue wheels and other with white and pink wheels.

Black ones were painted with mat black color and then applied blue strip that I cut form a self sticking wallpaper, that worked very well on my surprise.

Step 7: FINISH

That is it!

p.s. This is my first "instructables" project. I hope you liked it and sorry for my English :D



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    6 Discussions

    hola soy de Chile y me gustaría saber si puedes compartir los planos a mi correo. me gustaría construirle una a mi hijo. muchas gracias

    I was thinking about a bike like yours for my little cousin. Now I know how to get it done! Thanks for this great instructable!
    And nice job, well done!

    2 replies

    Thank you. I am glad that was helpful. Hope to see your balance bike on instructables!

    Of course, when it's only done, all the work will be here!