Balance Bike With 14 Inch Tyres



Hey guys I have made this balance bike for kids and it really works well, hope you guys enjoy.

What all things do you need?

1. 12mm Plywood - You can take birch ply but I have taken a normal one.

2. Hacksaw - for cutting ply into pieces

3. Screws

4. Hand drill/ Powered drill

5. 2 - 8mm nut and bolts each 5 inches long

6. 14 inch wheels and tyres

7. Handlebar - of any cycle but it should be straight

8. 1 - 12mm nut and bolt - for steering

NOTE : All the measurements are in MM or MILLIMETER.

Step 1: Fork

Cut 2 pieces of the fork.

Step 2: Main Body/ Chassis

Cut two pieces of the frame.

Step 3: Seat Post

Cut only 1 piece and make holes according to the diagram in the photo.

Step 4: Fork Joinery

Make two pieces of it and screw it in between the two pieces of the fork in which one piece should be above and the other one below it by 90mm.

Step 5: Finish

After i assembled everything, i gave it a paint job and it's done!!!



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