Balinese Inspired Henna/mehndi Wedding Cake





Introduction: Balinese Inspired Henna/mehndi Wedding Cake

This was my best friend's wedding cake. A 6 tier, cone shaped cake with hand piped henna. It was displayed with hand painted (mehndi pattern) stones, fresh orchids and pink spiral wire. Each tier was a different flavour (and 2 were dairy and gluten free).

The (not a tutorial, but I hope this helps) how-to guide
Before you begin, research mehndi styles and practice piping.  This is a LOT of piping (for a cake this big) and will be much easier if you are comfortable with the piping before you begin.

Step 1. Mark the top of each tier with the circumference of the next tier (centred on the cake), cut a diagonal line around from it's original circumference to the smaller one. Cut the top tier to a point (building up with the cake you removed from the circumference!). Jam and butter cream/frosting all cakes.
Step 2. Cover the top of each cake.
Step 3. Stack the cakes (dowelling in between)
Marzipan the cake in 2 halves vertically (to taste, but it gives a better finish!). Buff the joining lines with the palm of your hand to smooth.  Smooth all over the cake with a smoothing tool (or your hand if you don't have one).
Step 4. Moisten the marzipan all over (slightly) with a little water or a very small amount of jam. Cover in rolled out sugar paste 1/2 at a time (vertically).
Step 5. Leave to set a bit (preferably overnight) to reduce finger marks etc in the finished design.
Step 6. Pipe all over with lovely henna/mehndi designs!

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    9 Discussions

    That is a beautiful cake! How do you cut it for serving & how many people does it serve?

    4 replies

    Thank you. Each cake is on it's own board and iced on the top, I (subtly) marked where the boards were for the caterer to cut around then lift each tier off and cut as normal.

    As shown it serves almost 200. It was (originally) 14",12", 10", 8", 6" & 4" diameter cakes.

    Oh, so you take one layer off at a time? Seems so sad. It is such a beautiful cake. Such is the life of a cake ;) Thanks for sharing

    Yes, that's what I like about cake, it has a brief beautiful life, makes everyone happy and then it's gone. Think of it like a firework. I can make as many cakes as I like for friends, they always need another one next birthday/party/occasion.

    If I didn't want my work to be eaten, I'd make it in clay ;)

    Thank you. It was a labour of love, my best friend's wedding cake.