Balisong Knife (Butterfly Knife) Simple Open




Introduction: Balisong Knife (Butterfly Knife) Simple Open

This is my second ever Instructable, and my first to include video please comment!!!

This Instructable is aimed to teach you how to do a simple open and a simple close with a Balisong Knife.

History: The balisong knife is a unique design among cutlery but there is clashing opinions from all over the world as to its origins. the Phillipenos, French, English, Germans, and Spanish all claim to have been the originators of such a design. but nevertheless the balisong knife is a time honored traditional peice dating back centuries.

Step 1: First the Open...

1. to perform the open start by holding the closed knife in your dominate hand.

2. unlock the knife

3. flip open the handel exposing the blade

4. rotate loosely in your hand 180 degrees

5. flip blade against back of hand

6. flip back and grab rest of handel

Step 2: Now the Close...

1. to perform the close start by holding the open knife in your dominate hand.

2. unlock the knife

3. flip open the handel conceling the blade

4. rotate loosely in your hand 180 degrees

5. flip handle against back of hand

6. flip back and grab rest of handel

esscentially it is the exact same movement as the open
or if you like just watch the video:

Step 3: Please Comment...

this is as I said my second instructable and my first to include video please tell me what you think and maby suggestions on how my instructables might improve.



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    it's not that big of a deal that he misspelled filipinos. As a matter of fact, you shouldn't be offended. At least he mentioned the correct race rather than ignorantly stating "chinese" or whatever lol

    lol, but dude, my post is 1 1/2 years old. Besides, if it's spelled that way, it sounds like a pepper (Philipenos - Jalapenos). Now why was I offended again... Meh, I dunno anymore.

    dude. how do you think people from the Netherlands feel. Everyone is calling our country Holland. that's just a small part of our small country. one letter isn't that big of a deal.

    Balisong knives actually originated in the Phillipenes, it was used as both a combat knive and a utility one. It is illegal in some states because it is considered a Gravity Knive, like a switchblade. I don´t know why gravity knives are illegal, though...?

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    WOW, what a great article. If you are going to flip, try using a trainer first It is much safer.

    That's a filippino balisong made in batangas but that was a great start continue it and thank's alot that's very cool and also your balisong ................................................... thanks ^..^

    Wow! So cool! I guess I'm gonna be getting one of them knives!

    it was gifted to me by my cousin him and his brother bought it at a flea market in Florida in the 1980's and he felt he had no further need for it...

    Balisong's are really just fancy knives that are used for fancy tricks to amuse your friends at the local pub. Not for any kind of combat. BUT if you want the combat flavor then you want the nice 7"+ knives but that's just illigal and no body wants to get starred down by bubba at the county jail.

    I'm not crontridicting SWV's beutifly laid out instructable on how to open a Balison, I'm just sharin' my knowlage.

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    It's not just a knife for tricks. It orginated in the phillipines as a general utility knife for farmers and such. Saying it's just for amusement is like calling any other folding knife a toy.

    I would say that they are useful but not the best. When closed they can be used quite nicely as a bludgeon or to jab into the face to injure someone quite effectively

    No they were first used somewhere in asia as a normal pocket knife and they just popularized and became illegal for who knows why.