Ball Jointed Doll - Lazarus




Here is a ball-jointed doll man, named Lazarus. He inspired by antique sculptures and art of Renaissance.

This work took over 3 years.

I was started at november 2011 from rough sketch. After that I was made a lowpoly model and go on sculpting at ZBrush. Sculpting took a lot of time, because at then I had not enough lore in human anatomy.

Now he printed in 1/4 scale size in 2 different materials (head, hands and feet at transparent resin; body, legs and arms at white polyamide) and stretched on elastic cord.

Now he covered by few layers of primer and prepared for casting.

It was a long way, but now I pleased with the result and glad to share it with you.

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4 years ago on Introduction

Looks good but this being, you know, it'd be so much greater if you had made/could make an ible about how you got to the finished product.


4 years ago on Introduction

This looks great! I think it would be awesome if you uploaded the files you printed this from.