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To make a paper dress take an old book cut the pages and cut them in half. Then bring sheets, liquid glue with brushes, plastic kitchen film, polystyrene bust, skewer and cutter. This craft will take you 4 hours.

Take the sheets of the book and crumple them then take ten pages and tear them in pieces of about 1cm.

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Step 1: Preparation

Take the bust and cover it with cooking film and then coat with glue. Begin to cover with strips of paper and then with small pieces of written book.

After accumulating a good layer of paper let the bust dry.

Step 2: Dress Creation

Then take half crumpled sheets of the book and stick one end to the bust, do not stick too much at a time it is necessary to let dry between successive layers of leaves. Accumulate 4/5 layers of leaves on the entire dress.

Step 3: Separation

Now it's time to cut the back of the bust with a cutter and then remove it from the polystyrene shape. Put a small piece of tape to hold in place and then stick with pieces of paper.

If the inside of the bust is not written enough position other pieces of paper to make it prettier.

Step 4: Cut the Dress

Finally, cover the ends of the sheets with small pieces of paper so that they become invisible. Do not forget to stick a skewer to be able to fix the bust to a pedestal of your choice.

Last personal touch, take scissors and cut the neckline and the back of the dress.

Step 5: Finish

You have now finished the dress.

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    7 months ago on Introduction

    Simple à réaliser, bien expliqué, merci Julien c'est toujours un plaisir de te suivre