Ballerina Slippers on the Addi Express




Introduction: Ballerina Slippers on the Addi Express

Winter can be cold in Norway, but a nice pair of wool slippers makes it much more comfortable. These slippers are made on the Addi express knitting machine (22 needles), you'll have the pair in an evening. You can also make them using double pointed knitting needles if you prefer. In this description I will assume that you have a knitting machine and that you know the basic techniques on your machine.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Addi express, 22 needles
Yarn: 100% wool, Iglo, for 7mm needles.
Yarn: some waste yarn
Double pointed needles, 5mm
Crochet hook

Step 2: First Half

Start at the toe of the slippers. Cast on using waste yarn. Use circular knitting as setting on the Addi express. Do 38 rounds to make a size 39 slipper. The number of rounds varies with the yarn you use. You can do a small test first. If you know how many rounds you need to make 10cm, you can calculate how many rows you need for a slipper your size.

Step 3: Second Half

Switch to plain knitting on the addi express. The stiches on the 3 black needles will come off. Pick them up on a seperate piece of yarn after you hear the click from the machine. Knit back and forth for 16 rows. Do a few rows of waste yarn and simpley release the slipper from the machine.

Step 4: Making the Heel

Pick up the 19 stiches at the heel using a knitting needle, and remove the waste yarn. Distribute stiches on two needles (9+10) and turn inside out. Use a crochet hook to crochet the two sides together. Insert the hook through one stich on each needle. Pull the yarn through. Make a loop on the hook and pull yarn through both stiches on the hook (the one you just made and the previous one). Release the stiches from the knitting needles. The last stich is done alone, not as a pair.

Step 5: Edge Around Opening

I crochet around the edge. You can use the same yarn or a different color for contrast. I use slip stiches. Also include the 3 stiches that were set aside on the separate thread.

Step 6: The Toe

Pick up the stiches in the other end and distribute on two knitting needles. You'll have 11 stiches on under the foot and 11 stiches over it. Knit: '2together-1knit' 3 times and then the last 2together, on each needle. Use a needle to pull the yarn through the remaining stiches. Pull tight.

Step 7: Done!

Fasten all loose ends of yarn. Make a second slipper.

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    These are very nice but you didn't give us the exact directions for making these slippers on the addi machine. Can you please add them?
    Thank you.


    Reply 3 years ago

    As I wrote in the introduction, I made the instruction for people who have some experience with the addi express knitting machine. It is very difficult to explain in words how the machine works, a video might have helped though. I tried to show the cast on, how i make the opening for the foot, and the bind off. The knitting part is basically turning the handle on the right side on the addi express machine. Perhaps you can check on youtube for videos of the knitting process itself? Does this answer your question?


    3 years ago

    That looks familiar to something my Mother made for us to wear in the 70s, back on the farm during the winters there. By golly, thanks. Tusen takk