Ballista Desktop Siege Weapon (Version 1 of 3)

About: HI, my name is Eric. I really enjoy 3D printing with my Makerbot 2X and drafting on Inventor Pro. I have many designs and will continue to make more. I am here to meet people, get inspired, and hopefully ...

The First Version of the Ballista!!

Find Version 3 (the newest version) here:

Find Version 2 (not on Instructables) here:

Note that this is the first version, therefore it is not that great. However, the differences between the versions are interesting.

This version requires glue, supports, etc. It is not refined.

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Step 1: How Do I Get the File to Make It on My 3D Printer?

Head on over to Thingiverse:

There you can download the files!

Step 2: How Do I Assemble It???

Follow the video!

Step 3: How Does It Shoot??

Watch the video!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool! If I had a 3D printer, this is the kind of stuff I'd make. That looks so fun!