Ballistic Baking: Exploding Confetti Cupcakes

Happy Birthday To You -BANG!-
This is a fairly simple Instructable showing you how to make exploding confetti cupcakes. If you're in to practial jokes then you'll definately like this. But before you go gathering ingredients, I'm warning you, the recipient of the exploding cupcake might not find it as funny as the giver.

Step 1: Ingredients

Preparation Ingredients:
Birthday Candles
Tin Foil
A Party Poper or Some Fire Resistant Confetti
A knife
An Amount Of Firecrackers

Cake Ingredients:
Cake Mix (DUH)
Cupcake Tins
Standard Cupcake Pan
12 oz Sprite (I find the 0 calorie stuff works best)
An Oven

Step 2: The Cake (Sorry I Didn't Take Pictures)

Pour dry cake mix into a container with 12 oz Sprite. Mix and follow normal baking instructions for cupcakes. Using Sprite makes for a nice dense Vanilla cake that is also slightly more healthy. It also makes the over all cost for the recipe lower.

Step 3: The Firecracker

While your oven is heating up, make a bowl out of tin foil and throw 1 or 2 of the same color birthday candels in. They melt pretty quickly so keep an eye on them. When they're melted, take the tin foil out and remove the candel wick. If you're using fresh candels you might want to cut the wick in half. Then wrap the wick around the fuse of the firecracker and bend the fuse down. (Wraping the wick around the fuse works better if its still warm)

Step 4: Preparing the Cupcake

Let the cupcakes cool for about 10 minutes (5 if you're impatient). Then cut a small hole in the cupcake and press it down so all the cake goes to the bottom. Place your firecracker in the hole. You'll probably need to experiment with ways to pack the confetti in around the firecracker. It will make the difference between bits of confetti shooting up in the air, and total anihalation of the cupcake. Good luck!

Step 5: Arming the Cupcake

Carefully light the wick and not the fuse.
Example of whaty usually happens.

Example of what sometimes happens.



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