Ballistic Knife

Introduction: Ballistic Knife

Here is a ballistic knife I finished a few days ago. The idea is from this video. Credit for the design goes to him. (GreekGadgetGuru on YouTube)

I may or may not make a blade to fit this. I have since tapped holes in the plate to accept one. All I have to do is make one. But a ballistic knife with an actual blade is and has been illegal in the US since 1986.

I am not nor is the creator of the video responsible if you hurt yourself or others with this information. Use it wisely.



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    Just modify it to accept a gunpowder charge and its perfectly legit. Crazy ae.

    No In Canada It's illegal to have any spring action, inertia/centrifugal action, gravity assited knives, push knives, or bladed/spiked rings and wristbands. Even if you're a collector. I'm Canadian as well and collect knives, swords, bayonets, spears etc. And I need a permit for my Stiletto (the classic flip out switch blades.) A couple times I've been detained by the cops for having knives like godfather's (the classic OTF knife) and butterfly knives. The only place I know where they don't enforce that law in Canada is in the bad side of Ottawa (near the army bases) and thats only if you if you don't hide/conceal it.


    Certain knives are designated as 'prohibited weapons' pursuant to the Criminal Code of Canada. Section 84(1) defines such knives as "a knife that has a blade that opens automatically by gravity or centrifugal force or by hand pressure applied to a button, spring or other device in or attached to the handle of the knife".[7][8] By law, only those who have been granted exemption by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police via the Canadian Firearms Program are allowed to possess (but not acquire) prohibited weapons.

    If one is found to be in unauthorized possession of prohibited weapon by any law enforcement officer, he or she is liable to maximum of 5 years in jail and the weapon being seized. The peace officer can then apply to a provincial court judge for the said weapon to be forfeited and be disposed as he or she sees fit. The import and export of such devices are also strictly regulated and enforced by the Canada Border Services Agency.[9]

    Examples of such knives include:[10]
    automatic knives such as switchblades
    centrifugal knives such as flick knives or butterfly knives;
    gravity knives;
    Constant Companion (belt-buckle knife)
    finger rings with blades or other sharp objects projecting from the surface;
    push daggers;
    spiked wristbands;

    One-handed opening knives have been designated as legal to import by Canada Border Services as long as they don't fall into one of the prohibited categories.

    There is no length restriction on carrying knives within the Criminal Code of Canada; the only restriction is for concealed carry.

    it is illegal to own a knife in canada that can be opened with a spring, or centrifical force (something i can do with ANY folding knife fresh outta the packaging) i should know...seeing i have a prohibited weapons conviction in my jacket. i grew up as an army brat, was very active in martial arts, and the weaponry.....i have reaserched all aspects of edged weapons, please dont say that you can possess one of these stearing people towards criminal charges.

    would it be illegal to attach a fork? that'd be pretty cool. then it becomes a novelty Item that is ALSO dangerous! cant get any better than that! well maybe a spork... :)

    I actually went to a local hardware store and bought the biggest ones I could find and cut them to length with bolt cutters.

    The federal laws simply limit the manufacture for sale over state lines. You can make one for yourself and possess a ballistic knife, but it does carry a heavier penalty if used in a crime. Certain states have made it illegal to even possess them, but I'm not entirely sure which ones.

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    You see I didn't know that, exactly why I didn't put the blade on it. I also live in NJ, probably one of the worst places to own a ballistic knife, so uhh, yeah probably ain't going to put a blade on it.

    Personally, I say make it so you can mount a blade. Make a blade. Then make a fix blade handle that you can also mount the blade on and keep it on that handle. It's how a lot of people skirt automatic weapons laws too. As long as the trigger mounted in the gun is single fire or the firing pin is removed and the trigger assembly that is automatic is in pieces, even if you can fix it, they can't actually prove that you've ever had it assembled or used it in an illegal way. I live in a pretty lax state when it comes to this stuff though.

    I just might do that.

    However, you DO NOT want to be caught with any sort of automatic weapon here in NJ. Yes, they are technically legal, but many of the cops severely frown upon them. It's pretty difficult just to get a rifle or pistol, let alone a full-auto version.

    if you cant put a blade on it put on something else! (well thats what I would do) and you should ( if you add a blade) make a loader so you dont cut your hand.