Ballistic Knife From Office Supplies

Introduction: Ballistic Knife From Office Supplies

This is a mini ballistic knife I made from office supplies. The only non-office part would be the toothpicks. Pros - Easy to get supplies Cons - 5-7 foot range (or around 1.5 - 2 meters) - 'knife' will spin out after 5 feet

Step 1: Materials

You need : Body - three pen springs - bic pen tube - paperclip Knife - the piece at the end of the ink cartridge - mechanical pencil - toothpick ( could use a paperclip if you have tape also) Tools - hacksaw

Step 2: Make the Body

Make these pieces and assemble as show. Use the letters on the body to see where to saw.

Step 3: Knife

This is simple. Cut the inner tube of the mechanical pencil as shown. Then insert the back piece of the ink cartridge into the top of the pencil piece. Then push the knife into the body and hold it down and score it where opening begins and ends. Then cut out a piece of the plastic between the scores to get a hole for the trigger.

Step 4: Loading and Firing

If you made the paperclip piece in the body step that is your trigger. If not make. It from the picture above. Now follow the pictures to load the knife into the body. To fire push the pin forward or if the pin turns on its side pull it. Alternate method: Put the pin in on its side and turn it towards you. Please rate, comment, and don't shoot at peoples faces.

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    6 years ago

    You can get the white part from those army click pens that they give out