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Hi this is one of my first Instructables so please don't be too critical but constructive criticism is always good (but don't be too critical please!). Anyway i am making this for the Pocket-Sized Contest.

Anyway we will be using a normal "clicky" pen for this. Take it apart. There should be the body, ink cartridge, spring, the little round thing that makes it click (not the part you push, the thing after that), and the cap. Keep the thing you push inside, then the spring, then the round thing (thin end first) then the ink cartirdge. If your cap screws, screw it slightly, about two or three times around. If it's a push cap, go ahead and push it all the way. It will take a little bit of effort to put the cap on, especially if it is a screw cap. to fire. Click the pen, and the ink cartridge should go flying.

P.S. DO NOT AIM AT PEOPLE OR ANIMALS, ESPECIALLY AT CLOSE RANGE! This may hurt them and if you hit a vicious dog (or even a vicious person) they might retalliate and you will NOT like that. Bye have a nice day and know that Jesus loves you no matter how many bad things you have done and that He has a plan for your life!

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    black hole
    black hole

    8 years ago on Introduction

    Vicious person... my brother. Vicious dog... my Yorkie. What am I going to shoot at?