Ballistic Pen (or Knife, Would Work Also)




VERYsimple to make, would work for a ballistic knife as well !

Step 1: Tools and Material


- Dremel tool

- Screwdriver

- Sharp knife

- cutting wheel

- 2mm drill bit


- Wooden rod or pencil (outer diameter = inner diameter of your pen body -1mm)

- M2 nut

- M2 screw

- Ball pen (one of the wider pens will work best)

- Spring (strong = better but not too strong, the body is just weak plastic!)

- Q-tips

- Small screws (for the dart tip)


1. Take out the guts, you only need body and tip

2. Cut a 1 inch slit into the upper part of your pen-body, length depends on length of your spring

3. Drillmill a catch as shown in the video, and the lower end

4. Clean the edges with your knife

5. Cut off a 10-15mm long piece of the wooden rod, and drill a 2mm hole through the middle

6. Widen the other side of the drilled hole with a 5mm drillbit, to make the nut fit in.

7. Another hole, not all the way through, in its hold the dart in place

8. Remove the ends of your Q-tip and clean it (there could be glue on the body)

9. Cut off the heads of your wood-screws (of metal-screws), and glue the threaded part into the Q-tip body

10. Reassembly as shown in the video, spring first, wooden nuppsi, screw right through (not too far!)

11. Screw the pen-tip back on, push back the screw, insert dart, and voila, done !

Step 3: Instructional Video

Lil help



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