Ballon+wheat Toy !





Introduction: Ballon+wheat Toy !

Easy and cool toy .



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    14 Discussions

     nice! now i don't need to bye a new stress ball. way cool!!!!!!!

    So simple but such a cool effect. I'll have to try this one out!

    Thats so cool. This is a good idea for stocking stuffers. the kid will love this and you can personalize them to each child i will have to see about making these

    if u hate someone act as if that person is him! lols it will die in seconds

    i made this its like the besteresst stress ball u could ask for. lotta fun. p.s. flour works too but not as good as wheat

    (OMG MY NAUSEA IS GOING AWAY!!!) Roflcopter, I'm like cracking up, that was hilarious

    Another cool job golics! I will actually try this out hopefully, looks very easy, and cool! :P