About: aerospace engineering student at AI lab, the University of Tokyo

I made a blimp made of an ordinary balloon and a simple gondola. The gondola can be easily equipped to the tie of a balloon.
It includes
- a small motor
- a propeller
- a microcomputer (Arduino Pro Mini)
- LEDs
- an ultrasonic sensor
- a battery.
The blimp goes up by rotating its propeller. When the distance between the ground and itself grows to a certain length, the blimp detects it by the ultrasonic sensor and turn off its motor and LEDs. Then it goes down (by its own weight) and turns on the motor and LEDs when it reaches the ground. There appears a space like darkness in the water with light emitting bubbles going up by flying these blimps repeating the cycle of this motion.
The blimps fly for about 30 mins.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hey! Could you also add the CAD-Files and some instructions? An Instructable should enable the reader to recreate your project and I would like to build some balloons as they look really nice :)

    2 replies

    This is the drawing of gondola. The minimum scale is millimeter. I made gondola with 0.3 mm thick vinyl chloride board. Hope this will be your help.