Balloon Car




Introduction: Balloon Car

Physics Balloon Car Project

Step 1:

Materials: hammer, nail, tape, 5 straws, 1 stick, 4 lids, cardboard, 1 balloon, and wire cutters

Step 2:

Use the stick to insert into the cardboard to create a place for the axels of the car. Then remove the sticks.

Step 3:

Insert the straws into the place that the sticks were inserted.

Step 4:

Take all 4 of the lid caps and use a hammer to hit a small screw or nail into the cap to create a hole then remove.

Step 5:

The holes should look like this one.

Step 6:

Take the stick and insert one end into a cap.

Step 7:

Insert the stick into the straw.

Step 8:

Put the other lid cap on the end of the stick making sure the cap is secure.

Step 9:

Use the wire cutters to cut the stick flush with the cap. Repeat these steps for the other set of wheels.

Step 10:

Gather 3 straws in a group and wrap the end of them in tape.

Step 11:

On the top of the straws slip on the balloon.

Step 12:

Begin the tape the balloon onto the straws so the balloon is secure.

Step 13:

Place the straw balloon combo on the car.

Step 14:

Tape the straw balloon combo onto the car making sure that neither the straw or balloon is touching the ground.

Step 15:

Here is the end result of the balloon car!

Use the speed equation of s=d/t to find the velocity of the car over the total distance it traveled.

Distance= 5.0292 meters

Time= 4.73 seconds

Velocity= 1.063 meters per second

The car travels a total distance of 5.0292 meters in 4.73 seconds meaning that it’s velocity was 1.063 meters per second. (This test was done a hard wood floor)

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