Balloon Jiggly Puff

About: I'm big on video games. I have a puppy and interested in performing arts. Also like to collect things such as action figures and Pokemon cards I also like to build things

Intro: Balloon Jiggly Puff

I got inspired after watching a video of jiggly puff to make this instructable.

Step 1: Balloon

Take a pink balloon blow it up round like a beach ball.

Step 2: Tie Off and Massage the Balloon

After you tie off the balloon, just squeeze the balloon carefully without letting it pop.

Step 3: Drawing on His Features

Make her face, hair, ears, feet, and arms! Don't forget to find a picture for reference.

Step 4: Jigglypuff's Microphone/marker

Use a king sized sharpie then tape it to towards his arm.

Step 5: Don't Fall Asleep!

Or she will scribble all over your face!



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