Balloon Turtle

Balloon Turtle for parties or just for fun.

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Step 1: Materials

-Long balloon
-Hand Pump

Step 2: Inflation

1. Pump the balloon at least three fourths of the way, leaving an uninflated tail.

Step 3: Set Up

(a) Pinch about an inch in on the inflated side and twist about three times. This will be the head of the turtle.
(b) Repeat step (a) four more times until you have five fairly equal spheres. These will be the legs.

Step 4: Creation Pt. 1

3. Bend the head towards the main body of the balloon. Twist the first and last twists to connect the legs to each other.

Step 5: Creation Pt. 2

4. Pinch about two inches from the previous twist to form the shell. Push the 'shell' through the legs so that the last twist touches the back legs of the turtle. Now you should have a turtle on a long balloon.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

5. To get rid of the remaining balloon pinch about an inch and a half from the turtles back and twist about three times. While pinching  the twist with one hand, have the other push into the remaining balloon to pop it. Now let the air out of the last section and tie it off. Push it between the shell and the legs and your done.

Step 7: Completion

Finished Balloon Turtle

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