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About: Hi, I am Tony. A balloon twisting class teacher. Nice to meet you.

Hi there, Welcome back to the Balloon Twisting class. Today, let's make a Dog.

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Step 1: Preparation to Make Poodle

Firstly, prepare a marker pen, a baloon, a pump.
Secondly, strech and pump the balloon and left about 4 inches behind then tie up the balloon.

Step 2: Make the Head of the Dog.

Pull the tip of the balloon a little bit, then press the air from behind of the balloon to front.

Step 3: Make the Head of the Dog 2.

Twist one and 1/2 inche and twist 2 rounds, repeat this step for 3 times. Take 3rd section of the balloon fold it with the 2nd section, and twist together for 2 rounds. There you go, you make the head of the Dog.

Step 4: Make the Neck and Front Leg of the Dog.

Twist 1 and 1/2 inche and twist it 2 rounds, repeat this step 3 times. Take the 3rd section fold it with 2nd section of the balloon and twisting it together. After a little bit of adjustment, you got the front portion of the Dog.=)

Step 5: Make Body and Rear Leg of the Dog.

Twist 1and 1/2 inche of the balloon and twist it 2 rounds, repeat this step 3 times, take 3rd section fold it together with the 2nd section and twist it 2 rounds. After the adjustment, you get the body and rear leg done.

Step 6: Let's Twist the Tricky Part of the Tail of the Dog.

Twist 1 and 1/2 inche of the balloon twist it 2 rounds, put your 3 finger holding the tail of the balloon. Press the air instantly to the end of the balloon, twist it many times. Strech the twisted part of the balloon, and release the twisted part( this will prevent the air from the very end of the balloon from flowing back).

Step 7: Draw the Eye of the Dog.

Take a marker pen draw both side the eyes of the Dog. Here you go, your Dog is done! Bow~! Bow~! =)

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