Balsa Wood Plane


Introduction: Balsa Wood Plane

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Step 1: Back Fins

Pin the pieces of wood on there and glue it together, wait till it dries.

Step 2: Wings

Same thing as before, only this time you may need to bend the wings upward with something To prop it up, glue the wheels on.

Step 3: Body

This part you have to do twice and make the two parts a mirror image of the other so you don't have two sides that are exactly the same.

Step 4: Glue

Glue it all together

Step 5: Rubber Band

If you want it to fly then add the rubber band, put it in with a stick of wood at the end then have it hook on to the propeller.

Step 6: Cover-up

For this part use Elmer's glue and glue piece by piece of the plane

Step 7: Paint

Paint it however you like, just don't choose crappy paint like me.



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    I've accidentally glued my hands together many times

    Nice build, I used to attach the plans to a corkboard so I could use thumbtacks to hold the pieces in place as the glue sets. Also, I place a sheet of wax paper over the plans to avoid accidentally gluing the part to the paper... don't ask how many times I did that before I figured out to use the wax paper lol


    Looks pretty nice! There were some crazy old warplanes flying over my house on the way to an airshow last weekend, saw a Fairchild B-25 and a B-17...

    looks like a Guillow's Peanut Scale model. p47 I think.

    Thanks I will take a look.

    That kit looks cool! Who makes it?