Balsa Wooden Airplane Far Flight

What do you need?

- balsa stick (10 by 10mm) 660mm length (not in picture)

-2x carbon lath (1by 100mm) 660mm length (optional)

-3x balsa wooden lath (1 by 100mm) 1000mm length

- balsa wooden leading edge (standard 8mm thick) 660mm length

-balsa wooden thrailling edge (less than 10 degrees angle, 5mm thick) 1000mm length

- balsa wooden lath (5 by 3mm) 660mm length

-balsa wooden stick (2 by 2 mm)

-glue gun

-super glue




Step 1: Making the Core of the Airplane

glue the 2 carbon laths to the balsa wooden stick of 10 by 10 mm.

Mark the 440 mm line on the balsa.

after cutting the thrailling edge to 66mm, take the leftovers and cut them by half. Use the leftovers of the carbon laths and glue them to put the 2 flat sides of the thrailling edges together. Mark at 1/3 of the trapeze you became and glue it with hot glue to the core of the plane. The 2 marks must match with eachother.

Step 2: Making of the Wings

take the leading edge of 660 mm and cut it in half, do the same with the bar of 5 by 3mm. Glue the bar then into the middle of the leading edge . Leave 15mm of space to the outsides.

cut 2 pieces of 15mm of the 2 by 2 bar and glue them each at 1 side of the 5 by 3mm bar. put it aside.

take the thrailling edge bar of 660mm and cut it in half , take 15mm leftover and glue it at the end of the bar so that it becomes rectangular. put it aside.

Take the 8 by 8mm bar and cut out the pattern from the piture. The flat side will be the upside.

Now place the leading edge and the trailling edge on the outsides of the trapeze shaped bar and put the 8 by 8 bar just before the 1/3 mark. measure the distance from the leading edge to half the 8 by 8 bar and cut the 1mm balsa lath according to your measurements. Do this twice (up- and underside).

Now measure the distance between the second half of the 8 by 8 bar and the end of the thrailling edge. Cut a 1mm balsa lath approximately.

use tape to put the 2 laths together and glue to attachs the laths to the bars.

Repeat for the other wing

Step 3: Attaching Wings to Base

now use the hot glue to glue the bulging point of the wing to the underside of the trapeze. Cover the open space with tape or 1mm balsa.

Do this for both wings

Step 4: Tail of the Plane

cut a symmetric pattern out of the 1mm balsa. cut the same pattern edge out for the standing tailwing. The tailwing mustn't be smaller than 3/4 of a flat tail half. glue two 2 by 2 mm balsa around the edges of the standing tailwing. Attach it right in the middle.


Step 5: Test Flight

the center of gravity must be at 1/3 of the wing. Use some weight to manage this. This little test flight movie shows what happens if the center of gravity is to much backwards.



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