Bamboo Cutting Board With Gecko Made on Cnc Homemade Milling Machine

The following presents a personalized cutting board. This board was designed in the CAM BAM (CAD CAM Program). In this program, we can import any picture (or string) in DXF format or 3D model in STL format and generate the CNC program. In my instructables I adapt gecko 3D model. As I load gecko to cad cam I set up machining paramter. As you can see on video I used 2 milling cutter :

T1 - 1 flute endmill 3.175mm (rought milling)

T2- 2 flute endmill 1mm (finishing)

Attached you can dowload all project in CAM BAM and cnc porgram in ISO.

Then we can proceed to cutting board (in this case bamboo). This board is made on my cnc machine. (Description of the machine on my Instructables).

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Step 1: Machining ;-)

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