Bamboo Drum




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Bamboo Drum is one of music instrument. People use it for play a music or when they are bored, especially kids. It is very easy to make.

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Step 1: Materials

The materials that we use are:

1. Big bamboo

2. Sand paper

3. Marker

4. Wood saw

5. Jig saw

6. Drill

7. Rubber ball

Step 2: Cut the Bamboo

You have to cut a piece of bamboo that between two nodes and that is a big bamboo because it will make the sound bigger. Cut one more bamboo (small bamboo) for the drum stick.

Step 3: Drilling and Make the Hole

First, you have to drill two holes in the middle of the bamboo, then use the jig saw to make two others straight holes, one is at the up and one more is down( At the length side) and then make one more straight hole in the middle (At the width side).

Step 4: Sand the Hole

After you make the hole, you have to sand the hole to make it smooth.

Step 5:

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