Bamboo Skewers Party/Garden Lamp

Introduction: Bamboo Skewers Party/Garden Lamp

The skewers lamp is something i had in mind from a while and finaly i've made it. This project is very cheap - about 3$ and it's very nice for its cost. This is a perfect garden decoration and with some colorful light bulbs it's perfect for outdoor parties.

Step 1: Materials

Here is the list of the materials that i have used:
1. Bamboo skewers 25 centimetres (3 packs)
2. Glue (proper for wood)
3. Scissors
4. Pensil
5. Ruler
6. Cable
7. Light bulb

Step 2: Framework

Before start building i have built a frame to make sure that the lines are straight and the angles are 90 degrees. I've used the frame only for the first few rows just to start straight.  The size of the horizontal line is 21cm

Step 3: Start Building

I needed to make some mesurig to do before starting. From the both ends of the skewers i've mesured 2cm and put a mark with the pensil so this 2 cm were going to stick out of the base of the lamp for ornamental effect.

Step 4:

After that the real glueing has started. The first row is from two skewers one against other with the tips in the oposite sides. And so on i've made 13 rows with the frame

Step 5: Removing the Frame

After 13 rows the frame was no longer needed because it reached enough height to help me keep aproximately straight lines. Instead of the frame i've put 4 skewers sticking up with the tips up. With them also the glueing was going to be strengthen.

Step 6: Assembly

This was the easiest part left and the quickest as well. All i had left to do was to finish the lamp. I've left 2 cm to the tips of the vertical skewers for ornamental effect and i've turned it upside down, because this was the lower side of the lamp. on the upper side i've glued 2 parallel pieces to make the wiring and the mounting the bulb easier.

Step 7: The Finished Masterpiece

Here are some pics of the finished lamp. I hope you like it.

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    4 years ago

    wow and very good

    could you make a hanging flower basket?