Bamboo Speaker

Introduction: Bamboo Speaker

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You can make your bamboo speaker. It is a creative things to do. Bamboo is very important.

Step 1: Cut the Bamboo!

You have to cut the bamboo to 30 cm long. Please make sure that your bamboo have a hold.

Step 2: Make Some Holes!

You must make some holes on the bamboo. One hole is rectangle( make sure that your phone can put in that hole). And can also make some small circle holes if you want.

Step 3: Make Your Beautiful Bamboo Speaker Stand!

You can stick bamboo or wood to make the bamboo stand. Also, make your rectangle hole face up.

Step 4: Sand Your Bamboo Speaker!

You need to sand your bamboo speaker with sand papers.( you can sand any grid you want).

Step 5: Try Your Speaker!

Put your phone into the bamboo's rectangle hole. If it's not fit, make your hole a little bit bigger by your phone's size. If you want, you can also shellac your speaker but you don't have to.

Step 6: Congratulation

You're done!

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    2 years ago

    Nice job! Well done! I made a bamboo speaker,too. It is loud. I love it!