Bamboo Tie Rack !




Introduction: Bamboo Tie Rack !

In a few days i will be starting college (im 16) and i had to buy suits and ties, having worn school uniform for the whole of my school life i don't have anywhere to keep my ties.

The tie racks in the shops didn't look very good/functional so i whirred up the creative department and i came up with this bamboo tie rack design.

Its really pretty easy to make and even if you don't wear ties it would be a great present for dads/granddads

Step 1: Materials and Tools

  • About 80cm of bamboo
  • 1 Coat hanger
  • Some tissue or cloth
  • Superglue
  • Tape

  • Hacksaw
  • Round-tipped File
  • Clamp/Vice

Step 2: Cutting the Bambo

First we need to cut the bamboo, we need one 20 cm section and then three 10 cm ones.

Wrap the bamboo in cloth or a tissue so the clamp doesn't damage it.

Now simply cut the sections out !

(Try to get a clean cut, it looks better)

Step 3: Shaping and Filing

Now we have our sections we can file the ends so that they fit nicely to the vertical section.

So again wrap the bamboo and clamp it in the vice.

Then get your round tipped file and shape the ends like in Picture 3 and 4

(file in the same direction as the grain of the wood to avoid splintering) <<< Very Important

Step 4: Glue It !!

Now we have all our bamboo cut and shaped we can glue it together !

Using Superglue or Hot-Glue glue around the tip of the bamboo and then hold in place so the glue can set.

Depending on what glue you use it could take a while to dry so check out my other instructables !!

Step 5: Making the Hook

Ok now our glue is drying we can make the hook.

Clamp your coat hanger in the vice and saw off the two "arms" so it looks like Picture 3

Now saw off any excess plastic like in pictures 4,5

Step 6: Colour the Hook

I didn't want a tacky grey plastic hook so i used some black electrical tape to cover up the eye-sore

You could paint it or just use a nicely coloured hanger in the first place :P

Step 7: Attatch Hook to the Bamboo

Now we have made our hook and our glue has dried we can attach the hook to the bamboo.

I used a blob of hot glue and some electrical tape to do this.

Now you have finished the Tie-Rack !! Go to the next step to see some tie hanging styles :P

Step 8: Hang Your Ties !

Look at the pictures !!

Step 9: The End

Well that's the end of the instructable, i hope you liked it !

Leave a comment and check out my other 'ibles !

Thanks :D =SMART=

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    what lol ? i was born in july


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    so your going to college early because if not you would go at 18 unless you were born after september and before january and everyone else born before september was 18


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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Do you have any problems with the ties slipping off the open end of the rack? I'd expect this to be an issue if your closet is densely packed. If so, perhaps adding a rubber wrap or foot would keep them on.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    My closet isnt that full so no but if anyone did then a simple rubber o-ring would be great