Bamboo USB Flash Drive

A 100% Bamboo USB flash drive.

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Step 1: Things That You Will Need

-USB Flash Drive (casing removed)
-Bamboo stick, I found mine washed up on a beach
-Craft/Stanley knife

Step 2: Measure Around the Pcb and Cut

Measure the width of your Flash Drive PCB and cut, Bamboo splits very easily so remember to cut away from yourself at all time!

Step 3: Ouch

Please be careful

Step 4: Cut Excess Bamboo

Step 5: Measure the Opposite Side

Similar to the previous steps, line up the other panel and cut along the outline of the initial strips

Step 6: Shave Down the Inside

Step 7: Glue the Flash Drive to Both Strips of Bamboo

Step 8: Measure the Side Panels and the Back, Then Glue

Step 9: End Product

Please give me some feedback on possible ideas/alternative methods, hope you have enjoyed it

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice and rustic.

    It would be nice to go for a cleaner effect but rough bamboo is cool too. kind of like hitech meets lowtech.