Bamboo, Beach Glass and Stone Lamp




Introduction: Bamboo, Beach Glass and Stone Lamp

About: Careers: documentary filmmaker, DOP, engineering student, practical environmentalist, idealist. Loves: bicycles and when weeds grow in the city. I'm from western Canada, Yukon, Japan and Montreal.

Another Christmas eve, another last minute build. This one was a few days late.

It runs on a small solar power system, because solar power gets you laid.

Few words but many pictures.

Please ask questions.

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Step 1: Bending Bamboo Tightly

Step 2: Partial Bamboo Splitting

Step 3: Holes Without Cracking Bamboo

Turn the drill forward by hand. Run drill in reverse through softer interior. This helps prevent sudden binding that can split bamboo.

Step 4: Hinge

Step 5: Tight Friction Hinges

Step 6: Swivel

Step 7: Stone Work (hard Rock)

Step 8: Soft Rock

Step 9: Inlay Switching Power Supply

Omitted in favour of a small 12v solar system and a mostly dead car battery.

Step 10: Fish Cables

Step 11: Switch Interface

Step 12: Fish in the LEDs

These LEDs want 3.2V@30mA

~12v power supply=four 3.2v LEDs in series:
12.8v= 3.2v X 4

2 LEDs in parallel:
30mA X 2 = 60mA


12.8A X 0.06A = 0.768Watts

Step 13: LED Driver

Step 14: Beach Glass

Step 15: 12V Solar Sexy

Ooo ahhh

Mostly dead car battery... slightly alive.

Step 16: ​Christmas Present

... 3 days late.

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    4 Discussions


    Reply 5 years ago

    Glad you like it :)

    Is it worth another Instrucables shirt? XD


    5 years ago

    Great project! What are the dimensions of the Bamboo and hinge holes


    Reply 5 years ago

    Ah good question. I'm not sure... Let's get the old callipers out...
    The hinges are drilled out with a 3/8" bit. The bamboo is just under an inch.

    The hinge axle pieces are cut on the node so one end is larger than the hole. The other end is drilled arbitrarily with a hole around 1/8" wide.