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About: I grew up in the country and after my grandmother's passing, realized how much information was lost with her. I am by no means skilled or an expert but I love to create. I hope some of the knowledge I recove...

This is a simple but effective fishing project.

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Step 1: The Rod Blank

Find a straight piece of bamboo, about 7 feet is perfect. Trim off the leaves and rough edges.

Step 2: Attach the Line.

Get a piece of 10lb or stronger test line. Cut it a bit more the twice as long as your rod blank. Tie one end near the handle. Tape over the knot and down to the base to make your hand grip. Duct tape works perfectly.

Step 3: Take the Line Up and Along the Rod Taping It Down at Least Twice Before the Tip. Once You Reach the Tip Tie It Off Again. Cover This Knot With Tape As Well.

Step 4: Add a Hook and Bobber (no Weights) and You're Good to Go. These Rods Are Perfect for Pan Fishing for Both Kids and Adults!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I had bought a telescopic deadstick (crappie pole) that works in the same fashion. My wife really likes it and small bass and bluegill can't get away from her! She just uses about 4' of line, hook, and a nightcrawler for jigging. I may fashion another one like yours. Good job!