Bamboo Garden Table and Chairs Renovation

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Come together in a will renew your old bamboo furniture fill it !

Step 1: Step 1:Material List of What We Need


1 - Acrylic Paints

2- Large and Small Brush

3- paint thinner to clean the stain

4- Glove

5- Paint Bucket

6- Bamboo Furniture

7- plastic clip ( if any damage to repair your bamboo )

Step 2: Step 2:Prepared Paint and Start Painting !

We paint our Bamboo After preparing the paint.We Floor 2 after throwing paint dry .So we make the more beautiful.

Step 3: Step 3:Finish!

Congratulations! Old and ruin you bring your new bamboo and become perfect!



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    Thanks for sharing. If you could include some more pictures of the process, it would really help people to follow along.