Banana Chip Chocolate Bars



If you need an easy treat or if you are going somewhere that you have to bring something and have limited cooking skills then this is for you. These are easy, crunchy and tasty. Two ingredients and almost no time then you'll have a chocolate treat.

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Step 1: 1: Turn Those Chips to Bits

Get some of those dehydrated banana chips and a bag of chocolate chips from the store. That's the hard part. Put about two handfuls into a bag and crush them. I use a soup can and crushed them on the table.

Step 2: 2: Melt Your Chocolate

Get something bar shape to use as a mold. I use these silicon ice trays for putting into bottles, but you can use just about anything. I then put the chips into a microwave safe bowl and microwave the chips on high for about 15 seconds, mix, and then if needed microwave again for another 15 seconds. Keep doing this until your chocolate is melted making sure to stir every time.

Step 3: 3: Mix, Place, Chill

Dump your banana bits into the chocolate and mix. When mixed put a little into each mold. Make sure to tap down on the tray to work out air bubbles and get the chocolate into the corners. Chill in the refrigerator for about an hour to overnight. Then pop them out and you have a crunchy, not healthy at all, snack. Just a little something I made up. I hope everyone likes it.

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