Banana Daiquiri





Introduction: Banana Daiquiri

About: Hello and welcome to my instructable! I'm Melissa, a bartender working in the Pacific Northwest. My hobby (and job) is mixing drinks. I love coming up with new and delicious ways to drink booze. Some recipes...

Banana Daiquiri
This delicious, simple and fairly nutritious cocktail is easy to make.  One of my favorites and perfect for anyone who dislikes the flavor of alcohol, but still likes to drink.  Perfect for parties in all times of the year.  Make this and all your banana loving friends will be raving.


3oz Dark Rum

1oz Banana Liquour

Splash Lime Juice

1tbs Sugar

1 Cup of Ice

1 ripe banana sliced

Throw everything in the blender and mix on the crush ice setting until everything appears smooth.  Serve in a collins glass, or a daiquiri cup.  Garnish with a little whip cream and a banana slice, or a lime.  This makes about one glass full – your friends will be begging you for more



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    Absolutely - I wrote the article on my own computer, mixed the drink in my own kitchen (with my own alcohol), and took the picture with my own camera. ( okay it's my husbands lol, he let me borrow it) there are more posts to come

    Are you the original author of this article (which is word-for-word the same as the source link)?

    Did you take the photograph?