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Introduction: Banana Flower Fritters

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Being located in the tropical region of South India, we grow banana plants at our Home garden and use almost all parts of the plant at home. The tender Banana leaves are used as plates for eating and the young banana fingers, tender inner stem of the tree and the flowers are used as vegetable to make delicious and healthy snacks. 

Here, I have used a Banana flower to make crispy "Banana Flower Fritters"

Step 1: Banana Flower

The banana flower is a large, pinkish blossom you can find at the end of a bunch of baby bananas. Its red or pink bracts snugly enclose the delicate florets, which would not form banana fingers and grow farther down the stem.

Banana flowers are considered to be a good source of many vitamins along with dietary fibers, proteins and unsaturated fatty acids. They are also considered to possess immense medicinal value. 

Harvest  the whole Banana flower from the plant, when it no longer produces the Banana fruit fingers.

Step 2: Collecting the Tender Parts of the Banana Flower

We do not require the pink bracts of the flower. After collecting the inner tender florets, the pink bracts can be discarded. The inner cone of the Banana flower is whitish in color, very tender and can be used as it is.

Step 3: Cleaning the Banana Flowers

In the first photograph, you can see the plastic like petal and the hard stamen at the right hand side. Since they do not cook well, both of them need to be removed from each floret.

After removing the plastic like petal and hard stamen, chop the florets in to small pieces and soak them in water mixed with some curd and salt for about five to ten minutes. This will remove the discoloration from the chopped florets. Remove the soaked florets and drain out the water.

I should have used some oil in my hands. My fingers got stained while handling the Banana flower and it may take a while to go away.

Step 4: The Batter

Now the Banana florets are cleaned, chopped and ready, let us prepare the batter.

Ingredients required for the batter:

1. One cup of Bengal Gram (Chickpea)
2. Two Medium sized Onions
3. Two tea spoons of Fennel seeds or powder
4. Two tea spoons of Cumin seeds or powder
5. Bunch of Curry leaves
6. Red chilies about three numbers
7. Salt to taste


1. Soak the Bengal gram in water for about an hour. This you can do before cleaning the Banana flowers.
2, Chop the onions and keep aside
3. Drain out all water from the soaked Bengal gram
4. Rough grind the Bengal gram with red chilies  Fennel seed powder, Cumin seed powder, Curry leaves and salt for a minute. Do not add any water.
5. Add the cleaned Banana florets and chopped onions and grind for a minute or two. Do not make a fine paste.

The last photograph shows the ground Batter with all the ingredients, ready to make the fritters.

Step 5: Make the Fritters...!!!

Heat cooking oil in a pan. Take small balls of the batter in your hand and flatten them with fingers. Gently drop the flattened batter in to the heated oil. Keep the heat to medium-low. Do not overheat.

Turn the fritters in the oil to cook both sides evenly. Deep fry until both the sides are brown in color and crispy. Take out the fritters from the oil.

The fritters can be eaten plain or with Tomato sauce.



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    20 Discussions

    Now I know what to do with the banana flowers I find at our local Asian market! For anybody living in a colder climate, I suggest you try checking any 'ethnic' market in your area which caters to Asians/South Asians/South East Asians. They have some amazing fruits, vegetables and spices, amongst many other things. Thank you again!

    1 reply

    Hahaha! OK... I knew how bananas grow (I am from switzerland) but that you can eat the flowers was new to me. :)
    New but it really makes sense... We eat also some flowers here. So why not the big ones from bananas. Cool thing!
    What do the flowers taste like (not smell, taste) if you eat them unflavored? Like banana or different?

    7 replies

    Orngrimm, thank you... it tastes wonderful like any other fried fritters without any taste of banana flower... you should try this.. no need to add any flavor.. we do not use any chemical pesticide so this is organic..

    I would love to, but unless i raid the local botanical garden of the university, i dont have access to bananaflowers. And i am sure the greenhouse-keepers dont smile at me if i cut doen their flowers at the public greenhouse of the botanical garden... ;)

    Switzerland is a _little_ too cold for them to grow outdoors. At the moment we have around -10° Centigrades (14°F). So ATM we have more the weather for Banana-ice than -flowers ;)

    Yea, it is very cold and difficult to grow Banana plant outdoors.. what is the summer like there at your place..?

    Not too hot... The hottest month (july) with a mean of 16-19°C according to wiki.
    The all-year-mean is just 7-9°C.

    Also the weather is quite rainy. Switzerland has around 1000-1500mm of rain per m^2.

    well... It is a "getting used to". I am sure the people of Anchorage or Fairbanks or even Barrow will confirm that ;)

    I can understand... I lived in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan for about three years almost in the same condition...

    So the fritters are savory! Can you describe the flavor of the actual banana flower? Is there a close comparison? Do they have a lot of flavor?

    Wow! I always knew that the pumpkin flower is edible but I did not know that the banana flower is. This is good to know. Thank you for sharing!

    1 reply