Banana Smoothie(:




Today we are making a banana smoothie! Banana smoothies are filling and a great source of energy in the mornings.
They are really healthy if you don't add sugar or not a lot of sugar. They can be sweet and don't have to be a breakfast drink.
You can also do these steps and on step 2: measuring you can add protein and don't add sugar to make a banana protein shake.
Banana smoothies are great for kids or elders and here's the easy way to make it.

Step 1: Ingredients

The ingredients you'll need are:

•vanilla extract
•1 banana
•sugar (optional/NOT required)
•cinnamon (optional/NOT required)
•1 TSP
•measuring cup

Step 2: Measuring

Break the banana into little pieces and place in bender.
Then measure 1cup of milk and pour into blender.
Get 1TSP of vanilla extract and pour also.
Finally if you would like to add sugar Add 3/4s of a TLBS or more if you want it sweeter(: today though I'm using sugar so just ignore that step...

*you can also make this a strawberry banana smoothie by adding either small or chopped in half strawberries*

Step 3: Blending

Make sure to hold the top of the blender lid, using the other hand to push the button.
You don't have to blend long at all just until ingredients are mixed. As shown above^
It's alright if your smoothie is bubbly on the surface.

Step 4: Serve and Done

Now your breakfast smoothie is finished!
If you would like sprinkle cinnamon on the surface of your smoothie for a cinnamon spice flavor.



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