Band Saw Boxes

Introduction: Band Saw Boxes

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-band saw
-Log (Whatever size box you want is determined by the log size.)
-wood glue

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Step 1: Cut Log to Length

(I drew these pictures to make it easier to understand.)

Step 2: Remove Bark

(I was able to just peal it off with a knife on some of them.)

Step 3: Slicing Segments

Step 4: Removing Core

Step 5: Gluing Seam

(I wrapped it twice for a tighter grip.)

Step 6: Top and Bottom Inset

Step 7: Cutting Scribe Lines

Step 8: Sanding

Sand the edges, and make it really smooth on outside. DO NOT sand on the bottom inset's sides, but DO sand on top and bottom of it.

Step 9: Locate Top Inset and Glue

Step 10: Gluing Bottom Inset

Step 11: Done!

It is pretty easy to make once you get going after a couple. I probably broke 2-3 before I was able to get the finale product. But trial and error is a great thing.
-If you have a question about something leave a comment and I will address it.

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    5 Discussions

    uncle frogy
    uncle frogy

    4 years ago

    wow I wish I could handle a pencil as well as you can the drawings a good by themselves.

    I have made band saw boxes a little differently.

    I cut the top off blank then core the box out then cut a piece off of the top of the interior blank to glue on the bottom of the top and cut a piece off of the bottom of the core to glue in place of the bottom I use epoxy and am left with a larger interior piece to make a smaller box with. the best ones are made with very complicated grain. like that found in stumps and multiple crotches

    uncle frogy


    5 years ago

    did a box like this using a bridge port mill, cnc router would not accomplish the depth i wanted. but dig your design and method! very cool.