Bandana Holder

Introduction: Bandana Holder

I have a lot of bandanas but I haven't found a decent way of storing them.  The usual way of cramming them in a drawer results in losing track of them.  I decided to come up with a way of organizing them and hanging them up.  I used coreldraw to be design a hanger for the bandanas and then used the laser cutter to create the hanger out of a piece of 1/4 plywood.  I designed and made the whole thing at TechShop.

I made the organizer in CorelDraw by first creating a box and then attaching a hanger to it.  The hanger was made by creating a circle and then turning it into curves.  I then broke it apart and deleted half of the circle.  The circle was then extended and grouped to make a hook.  I next copied the hook and increased the size of the copy.  This part must be attached to the box.  Then circles must be put into the box.  After it is made, all cuts must be "hairline" size.  

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