Bandsaw Finger Joint Jig




in this tutorial you will learn how to make a finger joint jig for a bandsaw

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Step 1: Making the Slide

Making the slide is different for every saw. Mine has a slide that runs in a slot. I made a shape out of ply that would fit. the other requirement is the ability to attach the sled to the jig. My slide has threaded hole in it so i could run a knob through the wood and into this hole and screw it down. there is also another hole in the slide that is not threaded, so i glued a dowel onto the wooden piece to sturdy it further. The photo shows my slide

Step 2: The Sled Back

The next step is to make the back of the sled. The main requirement for this is that it is very much a perfect 90 degrees to the blade. I glued and screwed it on while clamping a set square directly to the corner.

Step 3: The Final Step

the final step is to set the bar which sets the distance for each finger. To do this i drilled a hole in the slide, careful to avoid the previously placed screw, and poked a dowel through the hole. After that, i drilled a hole through the top of the slide to meet the hole. this hole was slightly undersized in comparison to the screw which i intended to use to tighten the dowel in place. To help in measuring in premarked 1cm intervals on the dowel

happy finger jointing!!

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