Bangle Box Converted to Emergency Light




Introduction: Bangle Box Converted to Emergency Light

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This is most useful & small in size emergency LED light made from bangle box

In this instructable i used bangle box & old nokia(any) mobile battery to make this emergency light

it have more features like very small in size &we can carry this any provide high brightness

finally we can charge it by using mobile charger

lets see how to make this!!!!

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Step 1: Components & Tools Required


1.Plastic bangle box-1 no.

2. 3 W LED with heatsink-1no.

3. Old mobile battery-1no.

4. 5mm red LED-1no.

5.general purpose PCB-as required size

6.DC jack-1no.

7.Diode In4007-1no.

8.Resistor 470 ohm - 1no.

9.Switch - 1no.

10.Flat PVC sheet - as required size

11.Screw - 4no's

12.Paint any color

13. Wire - as required size


1.Soldering kit.

2.Glue gun with sticks.

3. Paint brush.

4.Wire stripper & cutter

5. Aksha blade

6. Insulation tape.

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

This is the circuit diagram of this instructable... many of the people already gave this circuit....but here i used the different container to reduce the size and weight to carry any where....

Step 3: Placing the Components & Connections on PCB

Now place the LED,resistor,diode,on the PCB....while placing LED just place it on corner because we have to project little bit out side of box...then make connection as per circuit diagram...

Step 4: Paint the Bangle Box

In this step take the box & paint it .....just leave it on top side alone ..

Step 5: Place Everything in Position

Now take flat PVC sheet & cut it in the size of bangle box then place the 3Watts LED on it for more details refer attached image.

then cut the flat PVC sheet as required size to fix the battery inside of box..

after that solder two wires on battery (+)&(-) terminals ..for safety purpose glue it and cover with insulation tape..

now give connection as per the circuit diagram..& place the LED sheet on top then screw it all

Step 6: Final Painting & Testing

Now paint top round PVC sheet & closed it

after this just connect the mobile charger at that time red color LED will battery getting charge& ON the switch 3 Watts LED will glow

everything done.....................

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Two things : You're counting on the internal battery resistor to limit the current so your Led will heat much more than normally and, as lifetime is a reversed function of heat, it won't last very long. Next, you cannot load any type of battery like this, some Lithium and most of the rare earth based batteries will burn ! They need a controlled current for charging.


    Reply 4 years ago

    I never told anywhere like this battery will last for very long's just for emergency purpose.... i think u know the meaning of emergency...&one more thing u have to mind it all the mobile battery have internal protection circuit....this will limit the load current & charging current then 2nd one here we are using OLD mobile battery ...see i am using this circuit for past 6 months ...till now i didnt face any problem what u have dont tell just like that... i am using to charge the battery with mobile charger battery & my light working well more we can load upto maximum capacity of battery but the only one thing its wont provide power for long duration...i think now u got it....


    4 years ago

    Very helpful! Great job


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you....