Banker's Box to Drill Case

Introduction: Banker's Box to Drill Case

Here are the before and after pictures.

Step 1: Banker's Box to Drill Case

I found this old banker's box and it was sitting in my garage when one day I put my drill down next to it and realized that my drill might fit in the box. I took off the battery and the drill fit perfectly.

1. Remove the contents of the banker's box. This was just a matter of pulling the tabs out. These were just fixed in with some glue

2. Arrange Drill and Battery in box to see how it fits. I had to remove the battery from the drill in order for it to fit.

3. Cut a piece of wood to fit into the box. I used a scrap piece of wood and cut it to fit.

4. Mark and cut out sections of the wood so the drill and battery fit snugly. I used my drill and jigsaw to cut out these sections.

5. Check to make sure the drill still fits. This can be an iterative process of checking and cutting.

6. Drill holes for charger. I added two holes to fit the plug of the charger. This was a nice snug fit.

7. Add cloth covering. I used some vinyl cloth I had left over from redoing a card table. I just stapled around the edges and cut accordingly.

The final product is much better than my previous storage place for my drill, just stuffed into a tool bag with other tools. Hope this gives you inspiration to find a new use for old things.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I have a tool case for some of my drills almost exactly like this. It was made to be a tool case too. Mine has a carry handle though. Which is nice if you need to carry it. Let me take a picture of it.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Yea, I wish mine had a handle. I might have to do some research into that.

    Thanks for sharing. You can improve the instructable by using the "add step" button to separate each step onto their own pages. It also allows you to attach pictures directly with the relevant text.